Dr. YC Lee

Dr. YC Lee (Ph.D.) is the Founder and lead product developer at Refine Naturals, guiding the team in choosing the most effective ingredients for our products and adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing. YC is a true believer of ‘healthy life style’; he practices yoga, spends quality time with family and friends, as well as volunteers in his church.

Dr. Lee has more than 30 years of extensive pharmaceutical and business development experience.

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He was both a board member and CEO of Pacgen Life Science Corporation, a life science company focusing on the commercial development of novel therapeutic drug products and innovative diagnostic technologies for global markets.

Before focusing his career on strategic corporate development, Dr. Lee was the Director of Pharmaceutical Development at Patheon Inc., where his laboratories developed more than 40 new chemical entities for global regulatory submissions from 2002 to 2005. Dr. Lee also held several senior managerial positions during his 11 years at Eli Lilly.

    Christina Yip
    Chief Financial Officer

    Christina Yip is our Chief Financial Officer with decades of financial and operational management experience. She supports our product commercialization activities through financial planning and management.

    Christina has over 20 years of financial and operational experiences in the life sciences sector.

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    Ms. Yip is a seasoned financial executive previously served as CFO and VP Finance in multiple small to mid-sized life science companies including Cardiome Pharma Corp and Pacgen Life Science Corporation. Her broad operational management experience including sales and marketing of several natural supplements and skincare products.

      Dr Sanchit Gupta
      Scientific Advisor

      Dr Sanchit Gupta (M.D.) is the Clinical Research Lead and scans latest safety and efficacy data for our products. He confirms that all our claims are backed by solid clinical studies. He has a keen interest in detail, and we haven’t yet found a typo that escaped him!

      Dr. Gupta is a medical doctor (M.D.) with a masters’ in Pharmacology. 

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      He has over 9 years of experience of working in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with expertise in medical writing, clinical research, health data analysis, pharmacovigilance and project management.

      Prior to joining the Refine Naturals team, Dr. Sanchit worked as Medical advisor with Merck pharmaceuticals.

        Yue Chen
        Principal Scientist

        Yue Chen (M.Sc.), our Principal Scientist at Refine Naturals ensures ingredients are extracted the right way and develop the best formulation for our products. We had to stop her from converting the office into a laboratory once!

        Yue has more than 20 years of extensive pharmaceutical product development and project management experience.

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        She has a proven track record of managing new drug development projects in different stages, from preclinical, IND Phase I, II & III to NDA. Yue is also responsible for providing logistical support and management for clinical studies and other research projects. Before join C2C, Ms. Chen was a supervisor in Product Development Service department in Patheon Inc. from 2001 to 2006 and 2011 to 2015. She played the supervisory role for product Development group to manage drug development efforts across the development life cycle. She performed high-calibre project planning and management in support of 15 NDA projects, routinely attending and presenting for project-related client discussions and ensured consistent delivery of on-time, high-quality services. Yue was the R&D manager at PharmEng Innovation Inc. from 2006 to 2010. She was responsible for contract laboratory and product development services.